he MANDARIN project aims at design new hardware and software solutions to achieve natural and intuitive mono and bi-manual dextrous interactions, suitable for virtual environments.

This project is financed by French National Research Agency(project ANR-12-CORD-0011, projets call CONTINT 2011).

It is labellised by Cap Digital Paris Région et Images & Réseaux Competitivity Poles.


Demonstration of the MANDARIN force feedback glove prototype at Innorobo

During the Innorobo fair which was held in Paris from May 24 to 26, 2016, CEA performed a demonstration of the MANDARIN force feedback glove prototype interacting with a Virtual Reality application. More than fifty persons had the chance to use this innovative interface, as well as other prototypes allowing fingertip local haptic feedback also developped by CEA within the MANDARIN project.

MANDARIN at Laval Virtual

The MANDARIN force feedback gloves prototypes were shown for the first time to the public during the Laval Virtual international conference, the biggest european exhibition on Virtual and Augmented Reality, which was held in Laval from March 23 to 25, 2016. The prototypes were exhibited on CEA and on Haption stands.

PhD thesis

Merwan Achibet defended his PhD thesis entitled ‘Contributions to the Design of Novel Hand-Based Interaction Techniques for Virtual Environments’ on December 14, 2015. This thesis presents Merwan Archibet's work to improve manual interactions in Virtual Reality and can be read Here.